Checking in: Life Update

Wow, have I had an eventful summer. I was so busy it basically just flew by, but reflecting on it, so much happened and so much of it was amazingly positive and I accomplished so much. Last time I wrote in here I just got back from Colombia. That was a life changing experience without a doubt. I had a lot of time to self reflect and figure out what direction I wanted to take with my life and re-evaluate my values and beliefs. Since then, I have been quite busy. I helped plan and organize the annual Windy City Riot skate competition. I went camping and skated a pristine half pipe in the middle rural Indiana and slept on a hammock under the stars. I visited my sister in San Francisco and went to Outside Lands Music Festival. I have skated quite a bit as a couple of my friends are filming for skate videos. I also began taking this whole DJ Fire Aux idea just a tad bit closer to serious and I DJed a few parties. On top of all of this, I worked my ass off. That is an understatement. 

However, I am extremely proud of some of my accomplishments. Just today, I submitted my first drafts for three sections of a new academic resource, which will be published by an international education organization. I will be providing an overview on the education systems of Guatemala, Honduras and Panama and I will be published as the primary author of these sections.  

Additionally, just today, I received news that my proposal to speak at the NAFSA Region V Regional Conference was accepted. I will be presenting on the topics of academic reform and institutional accreditation in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in front of a group of my professional peers in Milwaukee in October. 

Lastly, I have just recently been brought on the editorial team for Canvas Chicago as a "Content Contributor". Canvas is an event production team as well as an arts, music and media group that is beginning to endeavor in online media content, and I will be providing monthly articles on the multiple facets of the art scene in Chicago.