Fire Aux

Sound Curator


Josh Dubman, AKA DJ Fire Aux, is originally from a small town in the Midwestern United States. As a young’n growing up in the middle of Wisconsin, fire aux inexplicably developed an intense obsession with rap music that developed into a lifelong commitment to studying the culture of hip hop. After leaving his hometown, he cut his teeth DJing in the underground DIY scene in Chicago. 

With a penchant for travel and a high level of curiosity, Josh left Chicago and ended up in Hong Kong in late 2017 and eventually became the resident DJ for event production company Mama Told Me. He has also become the in-house DJ for the Hong Kong hip hop act, Xabitat. His aforementioned love of travel and learning about new cultures, coupled with being a genuine hip hop head learning to DJ in one of contemporary rap’s biggest hotbeds of talent (Chicago) are two major factors in his musical selection. Considering these two key inspirations, Josh’s style is an eclectic blend of modern rap music and international dance music, particularly Latin American, Caribbean and West African influenced dance music.

When not playing out live, he records a monthly mix for an online radio station in Hong Kong. Most recently he has started a reoccurring event named “Auxidize” which has received an enthusiastic response from partygoers in Hong Kong. Fire Aux has shared the stage with A$AP Mob, Denzel Curry, Warhol.SS, Masego, KEY!, Famous Dex, Madeintyo and Odalys just to name a few. Also, he has DJed private events for companies and brands like Hypebeast and Moncler and has graced the decks in clubs in cities including Chicago, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Manila, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Check out his SoundCloud page here and his mixes below. Any inquiries, feel free to holler at


Josh Dubman, 以 AKA Fire Aux的名字被大家所熟知。在芝加哥当地一间夜总会开始了他的DJ生涯。怀揣着对旅行的梦想以及探索新奇事物的热爱,Josh在2017年末离开了芝加哥暂居于香港并幸运的成为当地活动制作公司Mama Told Me的常驻DJ。他也是香港 嘻哈乐风表演Xabitat的御用DJ。热爱旅行并从中吸收多种新文化,奠定了他对酷爱的DJ音乐以及选曲的独特风格,并与芝加哥文化融为一体。Josh音乐的独特之处在于完美融合现代说唱音乐和国际舞曲并加入拉丁美洲,加勒比以及西非元素的乐风。于香港暂居以来,他主持的活动以其嘻哈表演风格和独特的方式席卷香港DJ界。并曾多次参与本地DJ派对和具有国际盛名的音乐会在港的开幕表演。曾多次应邀于海外表演,同台演出的艺人包括Masego,The A$AP Mob, Warhol.SS, Denzel Curry,以及Famous Dex and Madeintyo。