2014: The Year I Turned Twenty-Five

In the year 2014, I hit the shmoney dance about 1,000 times. I hung out with normcore kids and health goths on numerous occasions. I was called "Lumbersexual" exactly two times. Most importantly, this year I turned twenty-five. Twenty-five is a strange age. People younger than me act like I'm older than shit, people older than me act like I'm still extremely young and totally naive. 

I suppose it is right in the center, but aren't you always right in the center? I felt old, but still young when I turned eighteen and the same way when I turned twenty-one. I guess the only consistent aspect of aging is the progression of aging. You will always be older than you were, but younger than you are about to be. One positive aspect to this is that I can now rent a car without the young renter's fee, so that's exciting. The year I turned twenty-five a lot of different things happened. I met the woman of my dreams, and somehow convinced her I'm worthy of dating her (still not sure how I pulled that off). I went to Mexico for the first time and was able to brush up on some of my Spanish. I started writing a lot more for myself and for 1833. I biked probably thousands of miles in the city this year. I also got my first big boy pay raise and a bonus. Still, a lot of shit stayed the same. I still got too drunk for my own good on multiple occasions, still skated often, still made a fool of myself plenty of times and still did a lot of the same shit I've been doing for my whole life. 

Some of the main things I learned about myself this year are the following: 

1.) I cannot do everything myself.

I've been looking for a new job for a while and I have come to the realization that regardless of my qualifications I cannot get a new job completely on my own. I must meet new people and network. Getting a job without a reference or a connection in a company is much more difficult than if you have someone that can vouch for you. This goes for practically anything else in life, it does not have to be job-related. Too much of my life I have relied on solely myself, which can be good in some situations. However, sometimes it is nice to take a step back and possibly rely on your peers for suggestions and inspiration. Wanting to do everything on your own is a great quality, but I think a combination of these may generate the most success. 

2.) Don't take things so personally. 

This one is so fucking hard for me. I get the feels too easily. Not everyone out there has the best intentions and sometimes they may say things that are actually meant to hurt, but most of the time this is not the case. I think it's best to think of negative comments as constructive criticism. If someone says something critical it is probably best to consider their statement and whether or not you agree with it. If it makes sense do your best to improve in that area, but if not, fuck it and fuck them for saying mean shit to you. Not really, but it's impossible to please everyone and that must be taken into consideration as well.

3.) Anyone can do anything. 

It is relatively sad it took me twenty-five years on this earth to figure this one out. I wish I had figured it out, like maybe in college, you know? Like, during a critical point in an individual's own professional development and determining the rest of their life... Oh well, better late than never. I have realized that with enough determination, blood, sweat and tears or whatever, and meeting the right people (read point number one), you can accomplish anything you want. 

With these realizations I have set many goals for myself. Some are astronomical, others are easy as making sure to floss my teeth more often. Some are long-term, some I have already done and it is only three days into 2015. I am not even sure the reason why I decided to write this the way I did, but this is it. I guess at the end of the day I am going into 2015 with a very positive and optimistic outlook on life. I am looking forward to growing and learning more in 2015 and hopefully accomplishing at least some of the goals I have set for myself...