Skateparks and Grammy Nods

Saturday was a big day in Chicago in regards to events I wanted to attend. There was the highly anticipated grand opening of the Grant Park skatepark during the day and for the evening's events, Stefan Ponce's fefe celebrating his two Grammy nominations was on the itinerary 

As expected the park was so overcrowded it was impossible to get any kind of tricks in, but I still got a good vibe of the park. It is definitely a premiere skatepark and will probably be considered by most to be the best skatepark in the midwest. One aspect of the park that is interesting is they took a lot of infamous bust-spots in Chicago and recreated replicas of them in the park to stop us from street skating. Eliminating street skating and the vandalism caused by it is usually a key argument to obtain skatepark funding, but I don't think it typically works like that because everyone knows street obstacles are always better. In this case, the park is very well-designed, and I think it may actually cut down on the amount of kids street skating, though not eliminate it entirely. So, hopefully next time I get to skate Grant Park skatepark it's warmer and there are about a quarter as many people there. 

Later on in the evening I headed out to the riverwest neighborhood to peep the party that Stefan Ponce was having for being nominated for two Grammy's. The spot was mad lit, and everyone was full of energy. All types of artists and entertainers were there, and everyone was having a blast. Seeing as Stefan Ponce is a producer and a DJ, the music was definitely on point as well. He is being nominated for a Grammy for his production on Childish Gambino's Because the Internet standout track, 3005, which is streamable below. We ended the night at my homies Cree and Gabe's crib. Overall it was a pretty chill day...