Day in the Life: House Fires and Wrestling Raves

So, lately I've really been at a standstill with writing about anything. I've been super busy at work and other aspects of life to really take time out of my day to write anything for here. Upon my realization of this, I set a goal for myself to write about something that goes on in my life once every week or two. I didn't think of a name for it until just now, but I decided to name this little series of personal events "Day in the Life". Generic I know. I figured this would be relatively easy, since my life does get kind of crazy sometimes and I do end up in strange situations. I ended up in one of these situations last Friday night when I found myself at a loft space in Pilsen watching two women (one half-naked) wrestle each other in an actual wrestling cage. We'll get to that though. 

First, my night started off relatively chill, grabbing dinner and a few beers with my girl at a bar near her crib. I had heard my homies Joe and Anthony were helping put together some visuals for a house party in Pilsen, supposedly it was wrestling themed. I proposed to homegirl that we go peep it for a bit and see what's good. She was with it and shortly after we headed over to Pilsen.

Knowing these guys, I knew it wasn't going to be just some house party, but I didn't really know exactly what to expect. We got to the spot and walked upstairs to find the place completely dead, I was a little bummed. We walked downstairs to drink beers outside because the weather was nice and it was terribly awkward inside.  I call up Joe, one of the individuals helping throw the party, and I asked him what the deal was. He was like, "You're there already? Dude, the wrestling doesn't even start until like 12:30 or 1:00. I'm down the street though, be there in a second." 

You’re there already? Dude, the wrestling doesn’t even start until like 12:30 or 1:00. I’m down the street though be there in a second.

He hung up and I thought in my head that maybe I heard him wrong, but I could have sworn he just implied that there will be wrestling at this party. Like I said originally, I didn't know exactly what to expect, I know the party was wrestling "themed", but I didn't know what that meant. Not even a second after I hung up, Joe showed up outside the party. Whilst Joe and I were catching up we overheard a group of girls walking into the party say that there was a building on fire down the street. This sounded cooler than waiting for guests to arrive at this wrestling party, so we hurried down the street to peep the fire show. 

We got about a block down and sure enough, someone's apartment was on fire. It lit up the entire sky and was super dope, it was equally as dope to see the firefighters put it out. They arrived, set up, put out the fire and made sure everyone was okay all within about five minutes. They were completely efficient.   

That was fun while it lasted, but we headed back to the party. Once we got back, the place was much more lively than before. I ran into plenty of familiar faces and was digging the vibes. Next thing I knew, the music was turned off, and a crowd was gathering at the front of the dance floor. There was a huge cage set up there where the DJ was playing, but he was moving his equipment to make some room for what I would assume would be the wrestlers. Unfortunately, as soon as the action was getting started, I realized I had to piss really bad. I was hoping to be able to urinate and get back to see the whole wrestling match, but unfortunately I missed the beginning. Either way, when I got back to the wrestling section of the party, I see two women in the cage going at it. One was wearing all black and had her face painted blue, just like someone from the Blue Man Group, the other was wearing all black bra and panties. It was a sight to see. I was very impressed. It wasn't just some houseparty with chicks oil wrestling or something of that nature. These ladies choreographed their routine and it was thoroughly entertaining. Some aspects were funny, others were actually surprisingly intense. After the wrestling match we partied a little bit longer, but me and my girlfiend dipped relatively early before, Jean Deux and Teen Witch came out. 

Overall I would call the night a success. It was weird and random, but that tends to be how I like my parties to be anyway...