So, last Wednesday I headed out to Austin, TX for a spectacle called South by Southwest, also called SXSW. Now, I wanted to do a recap of what happened this last week, but to be honest it was my first time at SXSW and it was somewhat of a sensory overload. Therefore my SXSW recap is going to be somewhat jumbled and might not make a whole lot of sense. I took a few pictures a couple of days, but they don't really tell any formidable story either. 

When we arrived I found myself waiting for my bags at the Austin Airport right next to 100s. I gave him some dap, and grabbed my bag and went on my way. After dropping my bags off at my residence for the weekend we went to a showcase featuring Kevin Gates, Gunplay, and Trinidad Jame$. Everyone was killing it, except for Trinidad's set because he did NOT perform all gold everything. I couldn't believe it. the next day we headed out to catch Isaiah Rashad play some day party, but apparently he bailed and we ended up catching some dj play trap music and that was pretty much it. V Disappointed. Later on though we caught some DJ's at the Okayfuture party spot and got down to some crazy tunes. We also watched one banging babe twerk onstage and then her rhinoceros-shaped friend joined and that was completely geeked. Shortly after that we went to go catch the homegirl from the twin cities Lizzo do her thing. I bumped into Sean Anonymous and that was pretty chill. Afterwards I found myself looking at my phone and seeing a text saying I had a spot on the guest list of the ever illusive Illmore party. I couldn't think of a better way to end my night then drink a bunch of free vodka red bulls and watch LoudPvck and Steve Aoki with some of the biggest hypebeasts and swaggedoutfuccbois that SXSW had to offer. I saw too much pyrex, been trill, and leather sweatpants there, but that's just kinda how it is, right? I ended up leaving with a group of girls on what I think was a golfcart, but we were driving on the highway??? That night got kinda hazy towards the end.

Woke up in an unfamiliar place and scooted outta there as quick as humanly possible. Got a ride from someone I didn't know back to the crib and regrouped. We checked out a few more lowkey spots on Friday, until the fool's gold show that night. We didn't have wrist bands so we were just gonna hit it and see what was good, but the line was O.C. so we hit the OkayFuture showcase at the Vulcan Gas Company. Lowkey, I saw one of the dopest unknown acts that night. There was a dude making beats on a keyboard and an mpc and was getting down with some live instruments on top of it. This dude was playing guitar, and then outta nowhere busted out a fucking accordion. I shit you not. Also, he had a lovely lady sing some like tribal sounding shit over top of it and they both just killed it. The guy is named Quantic, and check him out down below. 

The next day I decided I had learned my lesson and was about to hit the Redbull Stage early to catch the Chi-Town homie Luckie Eck$ open up for Danny Brown and skip the possibility of a long line. We made it into the function no problem, and this venue was probably one of the best places and nicest vibes I had ever witnessed. Shout out to the Belmore in Austin, TX. Lucki Eck$ probably performed for the biggest crowd of his career that night, and I really appreciate and support his music, so I was v hyped for him. After Lucki showed out, Danny Brown came on and the place was just ecstatic. Ab-soul came out and performed Terrorist Threats with him and I lost my shit. That was the best thing I saw all week. Afterward Mannie Fresh did a DJ set, and that actually kind of killed the mood. Either way, we tried to hit some after parties afterward because that was our last night, but nothing was really popping.

Overall it was a week full of music, and fun adventures. My first SXSW will go down in the history books as a banger, or a week clouded with music, spliffs, booze, trendy people, beautiful women and food trucks. Both recollections work fantastic for me.