Playlist - January 2019

I am retiring from the monthly playlists. This will be my last one for now.

Playlist - December 2018
Playlist - November 2018

All of November’s SoundCloud gems.

Playlist - October 2018

October’s playlist is now available for your listening pleasure.

Playlist - September 2018

Here is September’s tracks.

Playlist - August 2018

All the SoundCloud gems that dropped this month.

Playlist - July 2018

July’s jams.

Playlist - June 2018

Here it is, June’s playlist. I tried my best, but this one is a little low on songs this month.

Playlist - May 2018

There were plenty of bangers this month to fill this playlist.

Playlist - April 2018

Light playlist this month because I was traveling for basically three out of the four weeks.